Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's an anomaly

After winning his second Grammy award, rap artist Lecrae is on the public radar. In fact, he's been topping the charts the past year now, especially after the drop of his most recent album named

As an artist who is Christian, Lecrae's music is infused with poignant testimonies of his past and the uplifting truth of the gospel. Below is an interview following his Grammy win.

I thought I would share this because right now, Lecrae is a huge influence (with so many people listening to his music) in the industry and is a representation of our faith to the masses. I personally think he handles himself with class and grace and can see why, against all the rational reasons why he would be so popular, he has climbed to the top by God's grace and favor. I see a man who is honest and full of integrity.

What do you think?

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