Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm offended

If you are old enough to read this, you have probably been offended by someone at least once in your life. It could have been due to their lack of honesty, a direct attack with an intention to hurt you or an honest misunderstanding. Whatever the reason, an offense leaves a deep wound that may never heal if we do not allow it.

Forgiveness is key when overcoming an offense. Offense is a tool the enemy uses to bring division among brethren. Why is it so effective?

Because when someone offends us, we now have collateral over their head -- we have a good reason to be mad at them. We have a RIGHT to be upset. It's a very self righteous, ego-stroking feeling, as when we are offended, it is particularly our egos that have been bruised. Becoming offended is a defense mechanism and it makes us feel better.

But does it really? I have found that holding onto my right to be angry actually makes me angrier in the long run. It makes me even more self-righteous and chained down by my ego and pride.

We all know better. A spirit of offense breeds  grudge-holding, unforgiveness in our hearts. It is like a cancer. It will not let you go, you have to let it go. Like any cancer, you have to cut it out, and, depending on how aggressive, go through many sessions of therapy.

Are you holding on to an offense against you? How has it affected you?

In the next few posts, we will discuss tactics on how to overcome the spirit of offense:

1) Forgiveness

2) Truth

3) Love

Stay tuned. Until then, begin thinking about the people you are holding hostage in your heart. Begin thinking about the root of their actions and what drove them to offend you. Begin to open your heart to the hurt that you feel and ask yourself:

"Why am I angry at so-and-so?"
"What is the root of my anger?" 
"What about me allowed them to offend me?"
"What does me being angry at them say about me and my walk with Christ?"

Then start thinking about what it will take in order for you to forgive them.

Until next time!


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