Friday, February 13, 2015

A lot of shade

This weekend the controversial (yet beloved to many) Fifty Shades of Grey opens up in theaters. 

My confession ...
While I haven't read the series, I did attempt to read it. I got to the point where the main character is introduced to "the room" and I just couldn't get myself to read the rest. It just felt ... wrong. So I stopped. In my defense I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I just knew that it was fan fiction, and I tend to like this genre.

My opinion ...
I didn't, however, like Fifty Shades, at least the part that I actually read. The character development strongly resembled Twilight to me, which I was completely obsessed about back in 2008, so I felt like E.L. James bit off of Stephanie Meyers' swag and dipped it in sex to call it her own. As a writer and avid reader, I was disappointed. I already obsessed over Edward and Bella and quite frankly, I liked their relationship BETTER. I never really knew why, until today.

Sex, rape, abuse                                                                          | Read Relevant Article Here
I read this article in Relevant Magazine, that 
brought up points about the sex, rape and abuse that's in Fifty Shades. I'm not saying that the 
partial-nude Hollywood, on-the-screen sex scenes in every other movie should be celebrated more so or accepted more than what is going to be presented in this movie. That's another topic for another day. I am saying that it is definitely something to think about when the sex that is being celebrated in this story can be considered rape and abuse. I know tons of women (Christian women) who are gaga over this book and story, and it is a little disturbing that we (as a culture) are celebrating (and dare I say desiring a relationship like) the relationship between these characters. 

When reading how Christian Grey's controlling character and stalker-liked impulses (sociopath behavior?) toward Ana, it made me cringe. I personally cannot stand when any man manipulates, controls and lords over a woman. This is what rubbed me the wrong way during my reading of the book. It did not strike me as sexy and it was not enticing or a turn-on. I do not find Christian Grey attractive or alluring. In fact, he's kind of a douche bag. But that's just my opinion.

Q & A
What do you think about this series and do you think it is harmless to read and watch it? Is it just entertainment? Do you agree that the story depicts an abusive relationship? Do we need to shield ourselves from movies like this? Do you think the scrutiny this movie is getting is unfair in comparison to other movies?

Let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear. 

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