Monday, October 23, 2017

Mission Puerto Rico

"If you have an opportunity to accomplish something that will make things better for someone coming behind you, and you don't do that, you are wasting your time on this earth." 
— Roberto Clemente

 The last time I visited Puerto Rico was when I was 12 years old. It was with my grandmother and my parents and we explored the radius of the island, circulating it two times during our vacation. I remember so many beautiful things about the island and sadly I have not returned; until now.

The two hurricanes that swept through the Caribbean this late summer left the island in devastation. Actually, hurricane Maria hit while we were doing 10 Days of Prayer here in Bridgeport and all I could do was interceded in prayer for the people and the island. I felt God tugging at me about visiting PR, so when I saw the missions coordinator from Cornerstone Christian Center post about a possibility in coordinating a PR mission relief trip, my husband and I knew the Lord wanted us to go.

Although this is under sad circumstances, we are excited for the opportunity to bring a bit of relief to our beloved island and specifically to our loved ones. We will be visiting two towns while we are there: Arecibo and Maunabo. A sister from my church's family is in Arecibo and my husband's family is Maunabo. 

We are asking that our friends and family please consider contributing to our trip. There are two ways you can contribute:


Supplies. The basis of our trip is to provide a good amount of aid and relief to the two towns we are visiting. Many organizations are collecting different kinds of supplies, but we specifically are requesting certain kinds of supplies that include: collapsible bucks, water filters, solar powered items such as headlamps, fans, lightbulbs, phone chargers, etc., batteries, bug spray, suntan lotion, small/travel-size hygiene items.

****Please take a look at this PUERTO RICO SUPPLY LIST on Pinterest that we created.**** 

When browsing the Pinterest list, you can click on an item and it will take you to a landing page where you can purchase the item online. Should you decide to purchase the items online, please have the items shipped to: Cornerstone Christian Center, 192 Meadow Street Milford, CT. You may also hand deliver these items to this address as well.


Directly support our trip. DJ and I need to raise funds to support our trip. These funds will cover the cost for food, lodging, airfare, missions supplies, etc. The cost of our trip is $1,600 for each of us. Please consider making a financial contribution toward the cost of our trip. 

You can do so right online: SUPPORT DJ AND VIKKI'S MISSION TRIP


Please pray for us. We want to THANK YOU in advance for your contributions to our trip. We are lastly asking for the most IMPORTANT aspect of our trip, and that is YOUR PRAYERS. Due to the devastation of the island, the people of PR are feeling desperate and many desperate situations are taking place. Please pray for our safety, protection and for traveling mercies. It would really mean a lot to us if you partnered with us in prayer. 

If you have any questions about this trip, please feel free to email Someone will be in contact with you. 

Blessings! xoxo

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