Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week Two: Becoming Esther June Prayer Challenge

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Here is our week two prompt:

Week 2: Embrace Guidance On the road to becoming Esther, God will strategically place people in your life to provide wisdom, guidance and good counsel. Esther had Mordecai. Who do you have?

The beautiful thing about Esther is this: She didn’t allow her past hurts to stop her from embracing the guidance of Mordecai. Esther 2:7 tells us that Esther’s father’s nephew (which makes him her cousin - WHEW) named Mordecai took her in and adopted her after her parents died.

We see throughout the story that Mordecai was there to give Esther wise counsel from her upbringing to the palace and beyond. Some of the wise counsel he gave her:

Keeping the fact that she was of Jewish descent a secret until an appointed time, advising her to go before King Xerxes on behalf of the Jewish people to save them from genocide “for such a time as this.”

Esther would have never been able to take this counsel if she was bitter from the wounds of her past. She could have easily said:

“You’re not my father.”

Indeed. He was not. But, he was her adoptive father, the person God placed in her life to guide her to the palace.

Where do you stand?
God is going to sent you people who are going to help you reach your destiny to be a queen.

Are you in a place to receive their counsel?
Are you still bitter from your past hurts that you are pushing God-sent people away?

We may just be pushing away the very people God is sending us to groom us and nurture us. Remember, hurt people hurt (and reject) people.

Be thankful for the people in your life
As we begin healing on this journey to becoming Esther, begin to note, refocus and be thankful for the people who are in your life to provide you good counsel, love and support.

Focus on these people this week.
List them out and pray for each one of them every day.
Give thanks to God for their wisdom and counsel in your life.
Acknowledge how their influence on your life has made you a better woman of God.

Have you pushed others away?
Maybe you HAVE pushed people away because you are hurt. You know, that is OK, because this week, you are going to write down the names of those people, pray for them and perhaps seek some kind of reconciliation with them.

It might mean you have to apologize.
It might mean you have to heal first before that happens.

Whatever it is, know that there is redemption waiting for you.

Do you feel alone?
But maybe you do not have anyone. Maybe your hurt is blinding you from seeing who is actually there. God is faithful. He WILL send you a Mordecai.

This week, spend some time in prayer asking God to bring you a Mordecai.
A person who will love, counsel and lift you up.
A person who will nurture you while you prepare to see the King.

You may already have a person in mind that you look up to and would want to be a part of your life as accountability and as a friend.

Put this person down on your sheet and pray for them this week.

Then, perhaps you can ask them out for coffee and begin a friendship with them.

Pray your way through it
Go through the prayer that’s on your personal guide and pray it over each person you have listed.

Let’s finish Esther chapter two and begin reading chapter three this week!

xoxo, Let's Heal!

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