Thursday, June 15, 2017

Week Three: Becoming Esther June Prayer Challenge

Today is day one of week three of the Becoming Esther June Prayer Challenge. If you are joining us, feel free to join the accountability group discussion on Facebook >> HERE <<

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Here is our week three prompt:

Week 3: Share Our Beauty
Every Esther has a beauty to share. God has given women qualities of beauty that no other creature on earth has: nurturing, vulnerable, compassionate, etc.

What is your beauty?

What are characteristics that make you, YOU? God created you uniquely beautiful and you carry a beauty that only you can share. What is it?

In Esther 2:9-15 we see that Esther went through a beautification process. Six months of oil and six months of perfumes and cosmetics; one whole year of preparation. She ate specific food (she was on a special diet perhaps to detox impurities) and was isolated for this time to help her focus mentally to meet King Xerxes. Her beauty was set apart during this time.

We see that in her preparation, she was favored by the overseer of the women preparing to meet the king — Hegai, and he gave her the best treatment and preparation; Heggai was another person God sent Esther to guide her and offer her good counsel.

The point is, your beauty needs preparation. While Esther was outwardly beautiful, there was still some things she needed to learn and work on. There were still some things she needed to detox from.

What preparation does your beauty need in order to be set apart?

As women, we are given specific qualities that no other creature on earth has, for example:

- the ability to give birth
- the ability to nurse a baby at our breast
- to care deeply about someone
- to nurse a human being back to health with our whole heart
- to be vulnerable and open

Someone hates our beauty
When God said he created “man” in his own image, there were the characteristics of God that he placed in women. That is part of our breathtaking beauty; and someone hates it. He too was beautiful. Lucifer was a beautiful angel, so beautiful he fell in love with himself. He was filled with pride. Once cast out of heaven, God created another beautiful being named Eve -- it’s no wonder he came for her first! Since then, beauty has been attacked by the evil one.

Your beauty is under attack
This might make your wounded-heart more understandable now. Satan longs to discourage you from getting to your purpose, so he attempts to wound your beauty to a point where you refuse to share it! BUT GOD!

This week:
Think about your beauty.
What special traits in your appearance and character make you uniquely you?
How does God want you to use your beauty to influence others?
What makes you a beautiful, unique woman of God?
Are you sharing your beauty with the world?
If not, begin processing why.

Pray your way through it

Then pray the prayer found on your personal prayer guide over each beauty you acknowledge. It’s time for you to share your beauty with the world!

xoxo, Let's Heal!

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