Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week One: Becoming Esther June Prayer Challenge

Today is day one of week one of the Becoming Esther June Prayer Challenge. If you are joining us, feel free to join the accountability group discussion on Facebook >> HERE <<

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Here is our week one prompt:

WEEK ONE: On the road to Becoming Esther, you will experience loss, pain and injustice. Esther 2:7 tells us that Esther was an orphan. She experienced a huge loss! Both parents, gone! While the Bible doesn't give us details as to why and how, we can only imagine how this made her feel. 
She was also living in exile in Babylon, she wasn't in her home land. More loss... 
Like Esther, we too have experienced loss, especially in our childhoods! The question is, are these losses still affecting you today and do you need to heal? Some people go through life wounded, never whole because healing is a process, and process is hard! I am convinced that if Esther never healed from this loss, she would have never been an effective leader, and she may never had made it to the palace! Like Esther, you are being prepared to meet the King, and you need healing from past hurts in order to move forward! 
Make a strategy for the next seven days. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what wounds you need healing from. You may not even know them up front. Also, let's dive into Esther Chapter two. Keep a journal this week and every morning, reflect on this question, then use the prayer on your personal prayer guide to pray over each situation the comes to mind! 
It's June! We are six months into 2017 ladies. Let's heal!
Leave a comment about your healing petitions and prayer requests.
We will put them in prayer for you!

xoxo, Let's Heal! 

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