Friday, May 26, 2017

Becoming Esther | June Prayer Challenge

I am struggling with healing from my past hurts.
I feel alone and purposeless.
When is my husband coming?
Why am I not married yet?

Are you struggling with one of the above statements or questions in your life? For the past year I have heard the heart-cry of women in my community that resonate some of these same hurts, fears and emotions. 

You are not alone. In fact, the Bible shows us many women who have felt the very same way as you do.

One of those women is Esther. While preparing for the "Becoming Esther" panel event that I will be speaking at on Saturday, May 27th, the Lord had placed it on my heart to create a prayer journal writing prompt for the participants. I thought I would share it with all of YOU! Let's do a prayer challenge for the month of June: The Becoming Esther Prayer Challenge!

Some things in my studies that hit me about Esther:

She had a past full of wounds.
She didn't allow her wounds to stop her from accepting guidance and love from others.
She shared her God-given beauty with the world.
She was bold enough to risk it all for her God-given assignment!

We may read the book of Esther with the misconception that her beauty got her into the palace. While the fact that she was beautiful is true, her story shows her strength, teachability, discretion and boldness -- to name a few. These qualities were a part of her personality and character; a heart willing to do what God had called her to do and THAT is what qualified her to be queen. Without such qualities, she would only be a beauty queen unable or unwilling to risk it all to save her people.

You, too, are made up of more than what meets the eye! You are in preparation to meet the king. Allow this prayer challenge to assist in your preparation and transformation into a stunning queen God has called "for such a time as this!"

The "Becoming Esther" panel discussion will take place on Saturday, May 27th, I have found so much healing in her story. You can find details to the event >> HERE << along with a link to purchase tickets.

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