Monday, October 3, 2016

PURITY + PEACE: Fall Lifegroups at Cornerstone

I cannot believe how fast this moment has come. Starting tomorrow, I will be hosting the Purity + Peace Lifegroup once again for the fall session at Cornerstone Christian Center of Milford, Connecticut, and I cannot be more excited. There are close to twelve women signed up (that's four more than last time!), and I am looking forward to diving deep with these women who are looking to drink from the well of fellowship that our souls thirst for.

There is something about fellowship that is life changing and supernatural (the child in me wants to say "magical", but I believe supernatural is more appropriate). The evidence of the power of unity is woven throughout scripture, such as the early church's exponential growth and development through house meetings and love feasts, which reveals insight into the supernatural outcomes when people come together for a united purpose. Take the tower of Babel. God saw how unified the people were in language and in mindset and said:
“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them..."  Genesis 11:6
So the Lord had to intervene as their goal was not according to His purpose, and He knew if He didn't, they would surely succeed. This speaks to the supernatural outcome of unity. When a body of individuals come together speaking the same ideas and plans with a unified purpose, not much is impossible.

We also know how good it feels to be deeply known and share our true heart with others who care about us and who we care about. Companionship not only makes us feel emotionally good, but studies have shown the physical benefits of having a support system, such as family and friends, compared to those who do not have this support system in place. The verdict is, those who have strong support systems are more likely to overcome sicknesses such as cancer or mental illness, and people tend to live longer with these systems in place as well.

There is power in unity... and yet:
Why is it so easy to fall into a state of isolation and loneliness in our days? 
God said: "It is not good for man to be alone," in Genesis 2:18, and from that moment on, humanity was given the gift of companionship and intimacy, and our enemy has worked long and hard to create division and strife between man and God, and each other.

God let me down.
Someone hurt me.
They weren't sorry.
I was abandoned.
I was abused.
Someone lied to me.

Sound familiar? These reasons, and more, are why many people have found themselves isolated and alone. If we allow such circumstances to create a wedge between us and others we may never experience the supernatural power of fellowship, companionship and unity.

If you are in a place of loneliness and isolation, I challenge you to find a life group and get connected with people through fellowship despite your past hurts and fears. It may just be the thing God uses to bring healing to your life.


Purity + Peace meets at 7 p.m. in Bridgeport, Connecticut every Tuesday night for six weeks beginning Tuesday, October 4, 2016.  Please email Victoria for more details:

This group is for any young women seeking healing and reconciliation from past hurts and "failures" (whether from romantic relationships, friendships, poor choices, bad habits, etc.) and are seeking accountability in remaining mentally and physically pure. If you feel strained with life, stress, anxiety/depression and want to commit to purity, this group will help you get on track toward purity and peace. Topics include, "What is Purity?," "Your body is the temple," and "How to get accountability.

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