Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Testimony Tuesday: A beauty to behold

Today's contributor is coming to us from the sunshine state. Lynet Ramos and I met at a church in Orlando, Fla., and she is just the sweetest woman with the most gentle spirit. I have always admired her work as a makeup artist, because her talent truly transforms women. She has a unique talent of enhancing women's beauty, and I admire raw talent when I see it. Today she is going to speak on her personal testimony on becoming an MUA and how it has opened a door of ministry in her life. Enjoy another week of #TestimonyTuesday.


Hey there I'm Lynet. I'm a full-time mom and a part-time makeup artist; two roles that I very much
take pride in. 

When Vikki asked me if I could take part in her blog segment, I was both honored and reluctant. I am always fearful of taking a step forward. It doesn't matter what the situation is, I'm always in fear of taking steps that could benefit me. It's an everyday battle full of my undying insecurities. Now I'm here, over a month later, completing what I barely started, but here it goes:

Growing up, mommy was THE woman. The kind of woman you grew up wishing to be like. She always got dressed up, did her nails, hair and makeup; she was always looking fabulous. She never left the house looking-a-mess. I used to sit in the bathroom and watch her get ready; admire her technique. She could put on her lipstick with her eyes closed. Mommy was amazing, and to me, the epitome of confident.

I, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of that. 

A slob. A tomboy. A hot mess. 

I never wanted to be pretty, but I thank God for my 
mom and her effort. She would play around and dress me up by adding a
little bit of lipstick to my lips and styling my hair. By doing this, she planted a
seed in me that sprouted a little more and more every year. 

We both eventually got hooked to Tyra Banks' show, America's Next Top Model. Obsessed with the
models and their makeup, I knew somehow I was going to be a part of that world. Maybe I was not going to be a model or fashion designer, but I just had to be a part that world. I had a desire to exude their confidence.

I was 19 years old when my mom bought me my first MAC product. It was an eye-shadow quad with four vibrant colors. Mamma did good. From that moment, I found myself doing my friends' makeup; always practicing. By the time I hit 20 years of age, I remember speaking to my boyfriend Andrew (my now Husband) about taking makeup seriously and pursuing it as a career. He backed me up 100 percent, which gave me the confidence to continue this journey I unknowingly began. With time, I realized that I was actually really good at applying makeup, not just on myself, but on other girls, too.

Through the years I eventually ended up working for MAC; a place I honestly hated working for, except for one thing ...was somehow making a difference in women

I found myself in intimate conversations with  customers at MAC. So many women are broken, and truthfully, at first I didn't know how to handle this. I use to think to myself "lady you dont even know me." I would tell myself to just give an occasional "no way"  or "get out!" or "I'm so sorry to hear," just so they could hurry up with their story.I never wanted to get involved with anyone on a personal level, especially a stranger.
By the time the makeup application was over, and I handed them a mirror, their reaction either brought them to tears or would follow by a huge gasp. Some would tell me how they never get to feel pretty or their husbands never compliment them. It warmed my heart; but it was an unfamiliar feeling and I didn't like it because  it made me uncomfortable.

There was an employee at MAC named Caroline who trained me, and I think she noticed something in me that was different from the other girls. She pulled me aside and spoke the truth to me. Actually, she pretty much let me have it. To her, being able to speak life into these women gave her a sense of purpose. I learned that she was a believer, a Christian, which took me back a little because she lived a loud, vivacious and free-spirited lifestyle. I loved everything about her beautiful spirit and she showed me --- "little miss stank face" --- a thing or two. She would speak life to these broken customers, cried with them, witnessed to them, told them how special they were and WHY. 

Overall, Caroline made them feel like 'a woman'. I thank God for bringing her into my life because Caroline made me realize I had a duty as a makeup artist, and that wasn't just to do makeup. It was to uplift my clients while I enhanced their outer beauty. It's crazy what a simple makeover can do for a woman. Makeup isn't something you do to change your appearance or a way to hide your real self from the world. It is a reminder to ourselves that we are beautiful, not just on the outside, but our beauty is rooted from deep within. So many of us forget and lose a very important part of our feminine identity merely because of LIFE. Life happens to us and somewhere along the way, we allow pieces of us to just go missing

Psalm 46:5: God is within her, she will NOT fail. 

This is my daily reminder to myself. It helped me at my lowest, at my ugliest, in my darkest moments. God will always be that light in our lives. Whenever you feel down, throw on a little mascara and lip gloss and allow that to be your reminder that you are a woman. A Conqueror. We cannot lose the very essence of who we are --- the one thing that has, and will, define who we are ... beauty! It means something different to all of us, but it still essentially defines us.  You may have been broken, but remember that Psalm above: When God is within you, you will not fail. 

Woman, stay uplifted. You are so deeply valued. You are beautiful. You are necessary. You are loved. Be confident in your beauty!

I love makeup. It has changed me. I value myself more. Some of you don't
know this, but I never wear makeup! I told myself I had to learn to
love myself without it before I can wear it, and while I love makeup, it
doesn't define me. I am more than just makeup. I am a woman. I am of
value simply because I was given life by my creator, who lives in me.

I will not ... fail.  

And neither will you. 

Lynet Ramos lives in Orlando, Fla., with her husband and two sons. She is a full-time mom and part-time makeup artist who has worked for MAC and has slayed an array of beautiful faces and aspiring artists for various projects, photo shoots and events. If you are in the Orlando area, feel free to e-mail her at LMartinezMUA@gmail.com to inquire about her services. You can also follow her work on Instagram: @LynetRamosMUAGoogle: +Lynet Martinez; and Twitter: @LynetRamos.

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