Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pour into your (spiritual) well

In reading the book, "The Artist's Way," the author suggested that as an artist, one should set out a weekly "artist date." The point behind it is to set out a time in your week for artistic inspiration and partaking in an activity that is going to pour art into your soul. After using your artist expression through your talent (be it singing, dance, painting, writing, etc.) we need to fill our artistic tank in order to continually be able to pull from our well. If the well is dried because it's been all used up, we then become, what she describes as "blocked."

I believe this is true in a spiritual sense (I believe art comes from a spiritual place as well), and the more we take time to pour into our spiritual selves, we have more to give.

I have found different ministries that "pour into me" in a way that revives my spirit and soul. One ministry in particular has been the inspirational-motivational speaker Trent Shelton. His #rehabtime movement across social media has served as a breath of fresh air to me at different moments and has sometimes been spiritual and emotional CPR with his encouraging two-to-three minute videos. I am constantly sharing his posts on my Facebook because they are uplifting. Overall, it is quite refreshing to see a young man of God completely passionate about the Lord, inspiring hundreds of others just by his truth in love.

While I think the Bible is our first place for inspiration and truth, this year I would like to be more intentional about surrounding myself with people (whether in life or on my social media channels) who are going to pour truth into me and bless me with their talents. I have been touched by the words and encouragement Trent brings to all of his "rehabers" all over the world.

Do you have a special ministry that helps pour into you? Feel free to share one with me.

Here is a little taste of Trent Shelton. Enjoy this 3 minute video, and remember --- it all starts with YOU.



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