Thursday, December 5, 2013

Devine Appointments

Since returning to my home state I have been lonely.

Now bear with me. I do have childhood friends that are still here; deep relationships that have been built on years of school, extracurricular activities and hours spent on the phone (am I aging myself here?).  Yet having left for five years, it’s going to take some time to reconnect with people and create a sense of consistency. Also, as I have lived in the south, some things about the culture have stuck with me and make me feel like such an outsider here in the Northeast. Now I know there are people here in Connecticut who get me—I just need to find them!

In the midst of my emotional distress, I have prayed for such people to find me. My homesickness comes and goes, and yesterday was one of the worst. The crazy drivers, the out-spoken co-worker, the overall abrasiveness of the Northeast was just getting to me!

And then we have today. Today the Lord sent me a little gem while I was thrifting in Goodwill in Bridgeport.

While admiring the pieces I picked out during my venture and trying them on in front of a mirror, I hear a young woman say, “I just love your style.” I was surprised by the compliment and it made me a little shy, so out-of-character for me, I know, but I thanked her, then joked that I was born in the wrong era. Our conversation kept rolling and she shared that she had a blog, where she would gladly post-up my online boutique. We exchanged small dreams and soon exchanged Instagram and blog info. For some reason, I thought to ask her if her husband, who she had mentioned, was a music teacher, and she stopped in her tracks. “How did you know that?”

To be honest, I have no idea how I knew because I didn’t, it just came flying out of my mouth and that’s how I knew it was a Devine appointment from God.

She immediately disclosed how her and her husband are worship pastors, how she moved here from somewhere else and how she works in Bridgeport. CRAZY! We both had chills speaking to each other, as the details we disclosed to each other kept pointing straight to God.

I am so thankful to God for showing me that He not only hears my prayers, but that he provides for my needs. This small interaction today made my day! It was exactly what I needed to get through and keep pushing forward on this new journey he has brought me on. I received so much inspiration and blessings through this small moment in my day.

There are many more things I have in prayer, but I will be patient and attentive to see how God will answer each and every one of them. He is good and deserves all of the glory!

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