Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Easter Thought | Resurrection power

It's Holy Week[end]!

The weather is changing. We have just come out of the darkest season of the four, winter; and as flowers bloom, birds sing a new song and the earth is waking up from hibernation ready to resurrect from months of shut-eye --- we are getting ready to celebrate the ultimate resurrection that took place in the history of man, the resurrection of Christ. They say: "Spring comes in like a lion and out like a lamb," and the week leading up to Christ's death can be described similarly.

Like the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a borrowed donkey and the people praised and shouted unto him: Hosanna!

A week later, he left this earth as the Passover Lamb, serving as the ultimate sacrifice on a cross for a sentence of blasphemy, decided amidst the cries of a crowd shouting: "crucify him."

How quickly things change in a week! Holy week always brings to mind the ever-changing tide of public opinion. One week they love you, the next week they want your head on a platter. This hasn't changed much! However, the real change I want to focus on is the transformative power of Christ. He overcame death and gave us direct access to a Holy God, giving us access to everlasting life in a glorified body forever and ever, AMEN. Wow!

Perhaps you are in a season of winter in your own life. Things are not growing and are in hibernation. A death of some sorts has taken place and there are no blossoms blooming on your tree of life. Like any season, this one will not last forever. The same way Spring comes in like a lion with ferocity and out like a gentle little lamb, this season will end out subtly, and an unsuspecting small bloom will appear where it had never been before.

In the same way during the three days Jesus was in a tomb, things looked very bleak. There was no sign of life, in fact upon his death, there was a huge earthquake that caused a bit of damage. Talk about one bad thing after another. The disciples went into hiding and mourning. There was no sign of resurrection in site, but it didn't mean it wasn't going to happen.

And happen it did! On the third day, the tomb was empty!

The great news is the very same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive in all those who believe in Jesus, his death and resurrection. We have access to this power and can speak life into all of the dead things in our lives with expectation that one unsuspecting day, those things will live again. Sometimes this happens immediately like the resurrection of Lazarus, sometimes a few days will pass like the resurrection of Jesus and other times it takes an entire season to go by in order to see Spring bloom again.

Every season has a purpose. Just because there is no sign of resurrection in site doesn't mean it will not happen. Happen it will! This Easter my prayer for you is one of resurrection! In Jesus name all dead things must come to life and resurrect; but they will not come back in the same form that they were before they died. No. They will come back in a glorified form and give glory to God. It may not look the same way it did before, but it will have a new purpose and that is to bring glory and honor to God.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross!

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