Monday, March 13, 2017

Becoming Esther: A speaking engagement

There are many lessons to learn on the road to becoming Esther. On one of my usual trips to Goodwill a few months ago I picked up a book by Charles "Chuck" Swindoll called A Woman of Strength & Dignity: Esther for no particular reason other than it was $2 ---  and she had been brought up in our Purity + Peace small group, so maybe God was sending me a theme. You know what I mean, the reoccurring Biblical motif that shows up everywhere you go in any given season and you say, "God keeps bringing up  :::insert Biblical reference here::: where ever I go."

You can purchase tickets to the event here:
Becoming Esther Brunch

Since then I have been bumping into Esther. Uniformly, I was recently asked to speak at my first women's conference of 2017! The theme? Becoming Esther. Are we surprised? Not at all.

I am humbled for the opportunity to be one of four panelist speaking at the Brunch event on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 10 a.m. The brunch is $10 and you can purchase tickets here. In theme with our leading biblical character, I am reminded how God is in the inconsequential details of our lives, all the way down to the books we buy on a budget!

Here are the details for the Brunch panel I will be speaking at:
The "Becoming Esther" conference is about gathering women from all ages and walks of life to discuss preparation and purpose in life with God. We have selected a phenomenal panel of women and will have them share part of their testimony to discuss. 

The panel is formed of 4 incredible and inspirational women in Christ. We have Victoria Garcia of Purity + Peace, Chardonee Avelar of I am, Woman Incorporated, Claudia Morales of Heels and Tiaras Ministries, and Nakiea Wilkinson of Spring Harvest Church. We are honored to have them with us at the brunch to discuss/share their testimony with us, speaking on Esther and her preparation to becoming Queen Esther and how it translates to our walk in Christ.

Friday May 26. 2017 at 7pm: Threshing Floor experience. Please dress comfortable and bring socks. Expect a waking and shaking in your spirit. 
Saturday May 27, 2017 at 10am: The Brunch. An unforgettable panel experience with our incredible speakers. (This is the event I will be speaking at, you can purchase tickets here: Becoming Esther Tickets: PURCHASE HERE)

We welcome you to attend this conference and bring your girlfriends! This will be such an unforgettable experience. No woman will leave out the same! The time is now for you to prepare and walk into your purpose! 
You can also find the Facebook event page here: Becoming Esther Facebook Event Page

Again, I am so excited for this event! Hope to see you there.


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