Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Testimony Tuesday | Healing from Divorce

Yvette Garcia joined Purity + Peace in Fall 2016. When Victoria invited her, she was a little hesitant to join because she didn't know anyone, but pushed through and attended. Little did she realize that she would soon find herself among other Godly, like-minded, accepting women who loved her and listened to her story.

Take a listen to how Purity + Peace helped her on her journey toward healing from her past.

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Purity + Peace is a women’s support group rooted in Bible study, assisted by group discussion and personal testimonies to provide a safe environment where women can heal from emotional and mental baggage. This group is for any women  seeking healing and reconciliation from past hurts and “failures” (whether from romantic relationships, family, friendships, poor choices, bad habits, etc.) and are seeking accountability in remaining mentally and physically pure. If you feel strained with life, stress, anxiety/depression and want to commit to purity, this group will help you get on track toward purity and peace. Topics include, “What is purity?,” “Your body is the temple,”  “The importance of covenants” and “How to get accountability.” Additionally, the ministry offers a purity ceremony for all women who want to dedicate themselves to a lifetime of purity and vow to remain sexually pure until their marriage day. To find out more, email Victoria at VictoriaLynnRosa@gmail.com.

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