Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Testimony Tuesday | Share the good news

When we share the good news of Christ, it doesn't always have to look like the word-by-word script you learned in your Romans Road workshop at church a la Evangecube. 

Often, we can share Christ with a loving look, a gentle touch or a thoughtful gesture. I admire those who evangelize head on and straight-to-the-point; and in no way do I want to say their "feet are less beautiful" than any other. (see what I did there?) This way is intentional, purposeful and effective, however, it is not my preferred style. My style looks more like the woman's testimony I posted below. 

This story touched me because it is less conventional and purely from a genuine place of love, and I thought I'd highlight it for a #TestimonyTuesday. Considering all that is taking place in our world, from Paris to Syria, this story shows the power of love. 

I pray it touches you this Tuesday!

At the end of the day, this testimony shows that anyone is able to share Christ with simple words and simple actions.

The book she is referring to is written by Brian Houston named Live Love Lead

Check out Brian's Testimony and information on his book here: 

Stay tuned for an upcoming season of all-new #TestimonyTuesdays. 


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