Sunday, November 9, 2014

A test into a testimony

I have been out of work for two months already.

One Wednesday in September, I walked into work — like any normal start to my work week — put my lunch in the fridge, sat at my desk, logged in to my computer — and my phone rang. I was being asked to come down to Human Resources. Before I could blink, I was being told that my position was being eliminated, and just like that I was no longer employed.

There are so many things in life that can alter your life in an instant. Being layedoff is one of them.

Words of affirmation
On the day I was layed off, I had dressed up and put lipstick on, did my hair and was ready to start my work week right. My aunt looked at me before I left, and asked me, "Why are you all dressed up? Are you ready for your promotion today?" I was thinking of that as I sat staring at the homely-looking human resource woman telling me that everything would be okay and I would find a job soon. When I got home with the bad news, my aunt said, "I don't know why I said you were getting a promotion, but don't you worry, it's coming!"

Out of my control
There's not much control you can have when a job tells you that you are no longer needed; but it just plain stinks! You are so used to working daily with a group of people who have become your friends, who you bounce ideas off of and share experiences with to now being cooped up in your house, rummaging the internet for potential jobs, and sending your resume and perfectly tailored cover letter to people who may never even look at your application. Did I mention this takes HOURS!? It is not fun!

As out of control this situation was, I was in control of how I was going to respond to it. For one, I wanted to stay positive. I had began a fast the Monday of that life-changing week, and I knew that this was inevitably an answer to prayer, as much as I didn't want to admit that. I loved my job. Yea the 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. schedule was tough and made it hard to socialize and make friends. Sure having Mondays and Tuesdays off added to that; but I loved what I was doing, working for the newspaper, finally! However, my inability to make new friends or participate in church events was getting to me. So, what would it look like if I perhaps, possibly looked at the bright side of this? Now I had time! I could finally join the choir and go to Friday-night Bible studies and meet up with my friend for dinner! I could also look into internships in the city or even audition. No, this could be life-changing!

It is well with my soul
I have also been longing to be a better Christian. With more time on my hand, I could do just that. I wasn't going to get bitter or depressed, no. I was going to choose joy and thanksgiving. I took time to apply for jobs, took advantage of the month of free professional development coaching my ex-job payed for, worked out, ran giveaways on my Instagram, put together a blog series on anxiety and depression, sang in the church choir, went to Bible study, made friends, went on dinner dates, auditioned for Gloria Estefan's broadway show in NYC, applied for more jobs, interviewed, spent time with my nephews — you know, all the things I wasn't able to do ... before.

And after two months of being jobless, I finally have been offered a position at Sacred Heart University in the admissions office, marketing their graduate degree programs via social media, blogging, newsletters, internet and print content, advertising and via all of those other communicative media I'm really good at. More money. More time off. More perks. More blessings.

How good is God? I can't put my gratefulness into words. #thankyouJesus

And just like my aunt said, I got my promotion!


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