Friday, August 8, 2014

The God of Angel Armies

This week I had a few health scares.

Low white blood cell count, wisdom teeth and cavities....OH MY! Throw in lack of sleep and exhaustion, and my faith was living on a thread.

Thankfully at this point in my walk, with the help of a strong prayer life, counseling and life experiences, I have some emotional and spiritual maturity on my side, which helped me get through the past week without a total meltdown. (All glory goes to God)

While feeling a little down, I asked God to take all of my anxiety, fear and doubt and replace it with peace. In the past, this wasn't too effective. Ha! I would still freak out, worry filling my mind with "what ifs"; but this week, that prayer came with a true calm to my mental storm that wanted to take me into the eye of an anxiety attack and wreak havoc on my peace, rest and sleep.

Anxiety is no joke! I have struggled with it my entire life and always thought it was just a normal part of me; until one season it threw me into a depression that taught me one of biggest life lessons thus far. I haven't gone too in depth about that experience here, but in the coming weeks I will be discussing anxiety and depression and my journey in overcoming these challenges. I hope you will join me and feel free to share your experiences as well.

As I prayed my prayer late in the midnight hour, I read a portion of scripture in 2 Samuel, which referred to  the God of Angel Armies. What a comforting thought. I serve a God who is in charge of Angel Armies who fight on my behalf. Whom shall I fear? This then took me to the song by Chris Tomlin, which lulled me into a peaceful sleep.

If you have received news that is wreaking havoc on your peace or you struggle with anxious thoughts over any and everything, you are not alone. It may feel like a long endless journey, but it's not. There is hope and there is a solution. Stay tuned.


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